May 22, 2018

Get To Know An Alpha Board Member: Paris Grant

Paris Grant: AW Board member and interior designer extraordinaire!

Learn a little more about her below.

How long have you been working with Alpha?

I had the pleasure of first working with Alpha Workshops back in 2013.  They did an incredible installation of Venetian plaster for the Designer Visions Showhouse I was working on while at Drake Design Associates (Drake/Anderson).  I’ve been working with them ever since!


What made you want to join the board?

Aside from being a huge fan of AW, I wanted to join the Alpha Workshops board because of the people.  I think the world of founder Ken Wampler and love everything he has done to make Alpha Workshops what it is today.  I love working with the great and talented people in Alpha Workshop’s studio, and I absolutely love any chance to work with my former boss, and Alpha Workshops Chair, Jamie Drake.


Why do you believe in Alpha?

I believe in Alpha Workshops because they are the real deal.  When you purchase from Alpha Workshops, you know that your money is going towards something that is not only beautifully made, but towards an organization that is giving hope and a chance at financial independence to people that are unjustly disenfranchised.  It’s one thing to donate money to worthy causes, it’s another thing to give the gift of “skill” so that one can have a career and support themselves.


What makes Alpha special?

I’ve always been impressed by the talented artisans at Alpha Workshops, but what I’ve most admired is their mission.  Alpha Workshops is not only making beautiful things, they are making beautiful lives.  They are changing lives.  They are creating a spacewhere one can feel safe, appreciated, and respected.  It’s truly a family!  The chance to be part of something like that is very special.


Do you have any goals for Alpha?

I would like to work with Alpha Workshops to create more programs for at-risk youth and youth with disabilities.  I want to see a world where the young and hopeless find peace and healing through creative outlets that can potentially become successful careers.  The older students and graduates of Alpha Workshops would be a great inspiration for them, and I believe it would create a sense of pride and duty to continue the cycle of giving back, leaving no one behind.