The ALPHA MY WAY series spotlights different designers and their experiences teaming up with Alpha to create exactly what they’re looking for. Up next is designer PARIS GRANT and the Venetian plaster she used in a West Village townhouse, read our Q&A with her below.

Can you share a project where you worked with the Alpha team to create something uniquely one-of-a-kind and custom? Do you have photos you can share?

My most recent project with Alpha Workshops was for a historically land marked townhouse in the West Village.  Working side-by-side with the Venetian team, many samples were exchanged and adjusted to get the perfect tones and texture to four different spaces.  We designed a cool and inviting Venetian plaster in the entry to this 1862 townhouse; as well as the formal Living Room, the Master Bathroom and the hallway of the Master Suite.

The photo above is of the Living Room, which was matched to an original Aubusson rug made in the same year of the house.


What was it like working with the Alpha team in developing the piece for your needs?

Working with Alpha Workshops is like working with a close and reliable friend. Its easy and fun, and everything is done to your satisfaction and timeline.  Everyone in the studio is super friendly and inspired to help you bring your vision to life.  I’ve worked with Alpha on custom furniture, lighting and Venetian plaster. Each a unique process, but the process is always organized and executed flawlessly.


How often do you customize pieces for a project?

I got my start in the design industry working for Hudson Furniture, where we made custom and made-to-order items everyday.  So it’s only natural that I like to include a minimum of one custom item in every space I create. And “custom” doesn’t mean it has to be a luxury dining table that cost more than some people’s annual salary.  It could be a custom wallpaper, rug, piece of furniture or light fixture.  It’s important to have at least one thing in a room that is special to that space and that space only.  Its also a fun process that my client’s have to look back on and discuss over dinner parties 😉


Are you more inclined the work with a brand/vendor that offers customization options?

Absolutely!  Working with brands and vendors that allow for customization, proves to me that I am working with true artisans.  Mass produced items are a dime a dozen, and anyone can have exactly what you have, but custom designs have intrinsic value and are what separate ‘good’ from ‘great’.  I’ve also found that vendors that promote customization are easier to work with, because they really care about bringing your vision to life.


Has the lack of a customization option ever been a roadblock in a project?

Lack of customization always presents a roadblock in projects.  It’s like when you try on a pair of shoes that “would be perfect” if you could only change the color or the heel shape.  I cannot count how many times I’ve found wallpapers or furniture that are just shy of perfection; be it the dimensions, or the finishing/color.  However, that’s never a problem when working with Alpha Workshops.  You can, and are encouraged to, change whatever you want.  You can adjust their designs to fit your project, or create something entirely bespoke and special to your project, and you don’t have to break the bank doing so.