Vocational Training

The Alpha Workshops Studio School is currently on hiatus. The Alpha Workshops is not offering programs at this time.  

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AWSS assists adults in reclaiming and refocusing their lives by embracing the powerful healing tools of meaningful work and creative self-expression. Licensed by the state of New York, AWSS welcomes individuals with visible or invisible disabilities and other vulnerabilities including HIV/AIDS.

Decorative Arts Techniques

Dates: TBD
Duration: 13 weeks

Inquire about scholarship opportunities for people with visible or invisible disabilities.

Overview: Decorative Arts Techniques (DAT) is a 13-week curriculum where students study the practice and current applications of various decorative arts techniques. DAT is designed to enable students to see, understand, and analyze the foundational aspects of decorative art and the creative process more deeply. Weekly class activities prepare students to accomplish a range of projects from the smallest accessory to a mural, culminating in a portfolio presentation in the final week of class. Instruction also includes work-readiness for careers in the Decorative Arts. These class sessions form the basis for a lifetime of practice to support each artisan’s personal creativity.

Students will learn the fundamentals of color theory, wood graining, traditional transfer and enlargement techniques, gilding, mural design, and much more.


Prior experience in the arts is not required. Applicants must:

  • Have a desire for vocational training services to prepare for, secure/regain, and retain employment
  • Be able to provide proof of US citizenship, permanent residency, or otherwise able to work legally
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Be at least 18 years old


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