The Alpha Workshops Studio School (AWSS) is the only nonprofit, private career school (PCS) for decorative arts and finishes for individuals with visible or invisible disabilities, including but not limited to HIV/AIDS, anxiety disorders, autism, and related disorders, and other disabilities, in the Northeast region of the United States. AWSS helps hundreds of men and women reclaim and refocus their lives by embracing the powerful healing tools of creative self-expression and meaningful work. The Alpha Workshops Studio School (AWSS) is licensed as a Private Career School by the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS).

Alpha Workshops Studio School (AWSS) is the vocational training section of the Alpha Workshops Inc (Alpha), a non-profit organization that provides decorative arts vocational training and employment to people living with HIV/AIDS, at-risk youth and individuals living with disabilities or other vulnerabilities. The Jewish Board has acquired Alpha which will remain as its own entity and a subsidiary of The Jewish Board. The Jewish Board, serving more than 43,000 clients each year, is widely recognized as a best-in-class provider of human services. Read more about The Jewish Board here.

Open Positions: Enrollment + Career Services Coordinator [posted Dec 5, 2018]