NEW PUBLIC CLASS OFFERING | Meoded Fine Venetian Plasters

The Alpha Workshops Studio School is now the exclusive NYC purveyor of training classes in Meoded Venetian plaster and other decorative troweled wall finishes.  Our teaching staff will demonstrate and provide individual attention as participants learn the characteristics and subtleties of the latest user-friendly products and their capacities with glazes, stencil patterns, waxes, and metallic finishes.  Students complete and leave with large-sized sample boards for their portfolios, as well as a Certificate of Completion for each class and/or phase of skill. Most importantly, participants gain the confidence to apply their new knowledge and experience towards generating and executing lucrative job opportunities.

The Alpha Workshops’ facilities allow each student to work directly on wall space to gain the more realistic practice of working vertically with plaster products. Surrounded by the diverse decorative products and services produced within The Alpha Workshops Studios, students witness the potential for creating countless customized styles and designs for future clients. Whether the student is an experienced decorative painter or a newcomer to plaster-based wall finishes, participation in these classes will enhance every painter’s skill set for broader marketability.

One-Day Intensive
: Introduction to Travertine-Style Surface Finish | 4 Large Sample Boards

This eight-hour class will begin with the proper methods of applying Meoded’s lime-based Marmorino Palladino finish. Formulated with marble dust, Marmorino Palladino produces a Travertine-like finish, and can be used to create various natural stone-looks. Students will create four distinctive surfaces using this product, including a replication of the handsome texture and colors of Travertine stone. The class will also delve into the application of tinted and metallic glazes for customized effects.


LOCATION  |  245 W 29th Street, Storefront Gallery


  • February 24th, 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

REGISTRATION  |  $395.00